Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zoya Laney

The fair is doing well and amazingly I'm awake enough for a post!  I'm not getting in until 10:30 pm every night , don't get to bed until about 11:30 and the kids don't let me sleep in past 7 am.  Not good, as I need a decent amount of sleep to function.  It's only for the week though, so I'll manage!

I received Zoya Laney during this year's Zoya polish exchange.  It's another polish from this spring Reverie collection, like my previously posted Adina

Laney is a silver based duochrome.  You can see a little flash of green on my nails in the above image (click to see a bigger pic), and in the bottle there is also a slight flash of pink.  I did see the duochrome on my nails, but it just didn't translate into an image well. 

While the duochrome isn't as strong in this as in Adina, it's still pretty cool looking.  As you can see in my image, the polish is susceptible to brush strokes, so be careful there.  Obviously I had shaky hands putting this on (look at my middle fingernail!).  I used 3 was pretty streaky, so it was needed...I highly recommend it though!

Have a great day!


Zara said...

I had no idea Laney was a duochrome, so I'm glad you said so!

Jeanelle said...

This is pretttyyy!

Jen said...