Friday, January 14, 2011

Guess What I've Been Up To?

Remember back a few weeks ago when I mentioned the dress I'm supposed to wear in my brothers wedding and how uncomfortable I was about it? Well, I think it's exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear and do something about my weight, instead of always complaining about it. Last week I joined Weight Watchers and had my first weigh-in last night. I lost 3 pounds!!!
So what did I change?  Well, I've cut down on my consumption of diet pop.  I used to drink about 4 cans of Diet Pepsi a day.  Now I'm down to 1 or 2, and hopefully I'll be able to cut it down even more over time.  I've upped my water intake to 64 ounces a day, and I'm hoping this week to increase it even more.  I've been on plan most days this week.  I did take a day off the day of K's 2nd birthday party, but I've been pretty good about getting my whole grains and protein, plus I'm eating a ton more fruits and veggies.
I'm pretty encouraged though.  I have a lot more to lose, but I'm focusing on small goals.  The first goal is 5% weight loss.  Next on the list is to get more exercise.  I LOOOVE doing EA Active, but right now our Wii isn't hooked up to the TV and DH keeps forgetting to get a new cord, and I keep forgetting to remind him.  So I told him last night after my meeting, that it's our big goal this week.  Get the darn thing hooked up so I can get moving again!
So are any of you on WW?  Any tips or advice?

Thanks for listening...I'll keep you all updated!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

This past week I was awarded my first blogger award, the Stylish Blogger Award!  Thank you so much to Jenny from Polishology

These are the rules for this award:
1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award!

Here are seven things about me...although I do warn you, I'm not an interesting person!  ;-)

1. I love doing anything crafty…especially knitting and crochet. The problem is I probably have about 20 projects started and will never finish them.

2. I’m terrified of bugs. Especially spiders. I’ve been known to call my husband, who works at least an hour away, in tears because there was a spider in the house.

3. The first time I saw a joint was the summer of ’06 at a Tom Petty concert. I know, I’m sheltered.

4. We had to go through fertility treatments to conceive R. Took us 3 years to get pregnant. We never considered that we wouldn’t have to do the same thing if we ever decided to have another child, and then one day, after I had been feeling sick for about a week, we found out we were pregnant with K (who just celebrated a birthday on Friday!  He's TWO!!!). It was the best surprise ever!

5. I don’t remember much about elementary school. Apparently it was so bad that I actually blocked things out. People have told me about things that happened that I have NO recollection of.

6. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit. I used to sell soaps and candles back when we lived in Central NY, before K was born I had a shop on that I was very involved with, I used to sell Mary Kay for about 9 years, and now I sell Scentsy.

7. I’ve never tried a cigarette. People NEVER believe me when I tell them that.

And now for the 15 bloggers that I've decided to tag.  This was have no idea!

1. Pretty N Polished
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4. Polish Infatuated
5. PinkNailBlog
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15. Getcha Nails Did
Some of these are newer...some have been around awhile.  It was a really tough decision deciding who to tag.  I must have visited about 40 blogs or so.  Something about these blogs just struck me when I visited.  Not to say the others didn't do anything for me...just depended on my mood perhaps.

Thanks for visiting...hopefully I'll get a few swatches posted this week!!!