Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zoya Charla

Well, I was going through my pictures and found some that are pre-nubbin.  I admittedly didn't take very good care of my nails last week with the fair.  There was some labor involved and I was REALLY tired.  They're probably not going to grow fast enough for me to get them past my tips before I swatch again though.  I guess worse things have happened, right?  :-P

Charla is part of the Zoya Sparkle collection, released this summer.  It's been described as mermaid scales in a bottle.  I think it's pretty darn accurate.

Nothing I can say can do Charla's SOOOO gorgeous!  I practically drooled over this color once I got it in the exchange.  I accidentally left it home when I went on vacation last month, so it sat here for 2 weeks waiting for me...such a crime! 

I used 3 coats.  Wear was great, as always.  Even though it's glitter, it wasn't a pain to take greatness all around! 

Thanks for looking!


Tessa said...

Hi, Pretty nails you've got there lady!

Even though they are short the colour looks pretty on you :)

Maybe it's nice if you're gonna watch my blog too and follow mine as i'm following yours :)

Thank you!

Jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm following you as well. If you think these nails are short, wait until you see my!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous :D

Jen said...