Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zoya Adina

Hey everyone!  I wanted to post one of the polishes I received in the Zoya Polish exchange this year.  I got 12 polishes this time.  I love that Zoya does this every year.  It forces me to go through and purge polishes that I don't love as much as I thought I would. 
Zoya Adina is part of the Reverie collection released this past spring.  The entire collection consists of duochrome colors.  Zoya describes them as having an "oil slick" effect.  Definitely true.

Here you can see the green flash of duochrome.  I wish it translated into my pictures more because it really is quite fascinating!  Such a cool polish!!!

Did any of you participate in the exchange?  What did you get? 

Thanks for stopping by!


Zara said...

Very pretty! I participated in the exchange and got Robyn, Zara, Mimi, Salma, Irene, Ivanka, Malia, and Roxy.

Jen said...

I have most of those. haha...I think I seriously underestimate the size of my collection. I used to think it was about 100...I'm thinking closer to 300 now. lol!