Friday, July 16, 2010

China Glaze Octa Gone Wild

Oh Friday...Even in the summer I'm excited for Friday because even though I'm not at work, it means I get to see my DH all weekend.  He has a 90 minute commute and usually doesn't get home until like basically he gets home, we eat dinner, put the kids to bed and go to bed ourselves.  I just feel like I don't get to "see" him too much during the work week.

ANYWAYS...Octa Gone Wild came out with the Kaleidoscope collection WAY back in 2006.  It's been discontinued unfortunately...the whole collection is AWESOME.

HOLO!!!!  Anyways.  The particles are bigger then some other HOLO polishes, but they still just look so cool.  I would sit out in the sun and stare at my nails all day if I could.  Even though this is discontinued, I've heard that Milani Hi Res is very similar.

Application was fantastic, dry time was great.  I have on 3 coats in these pictures.  The first coat was a bit streaky, but after the second it looked great.  I did chip in only a few days, which is a rarity for me.  I wore this last week when we left for vacation, so it may have just been all the packing and travel.

Thanks for stopping by...have a great weekend!


Zara said...

Gah. These need to come back in a bad way. *wants*

Jen said...

I was lucky to get them. They came out about a year before my obsession really took hold. I had only just discovered holo I grabbed them all up. I think they were discontinued shortly afterwards.
I hope they do re-release them someday...but you should check out the Milani one I suggested. It's REALLY close. Maybe I'll try and pick it up and show a comparison.