Wednesday, July 21, 2010

China Glaze Sexy in the City

This is such a pretty blue (leaning toward turquoise) color with a GORGEOUS shimmer.  I picked it up at my local Sally's a little while ago.  It was a *bit* thin and runny, but not impossible.  I'm not sure if this came out with any collection,  per se?  Please someone let me know if I'm wrong, so I can edit that.

I think it's such a pretty spring/summer color, don't you?  Great for pedi's as well.
You need 3 coats for this not to look streaky, which is what I have on in these pictures.  And it does give you smurf fingers when you remove it. 

I really like this color (I'm a sucker for blue), and got quite a few compliments on it when I wore it.  What do you think?  Have a great day everyone!


AggiePigeon said...

so so stunningly blue and shimmery! I can't get over my China Glaze Shower Together though, no shimmer but the ultimate in color! But the thought of the smurf fingers... :-/ ... worth it, just look at it!

Zara said...

Very pretty! I don't know if this came out in a collection or not.

Jen said...

AggiePigeon - I'll have to check that one out. I always love a good blue, shimmer or not!

Zara - Thanks! I'm still not sure either, so I'm leaning towards no. :)

Pretty said...

this is a really nice blue! hmm might put on my lemming list.. lol

Jen said...

Haha...what we all need, another lemming, right? :)