Monday, July 19, 2010

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud

I's not out anymore...but I love it so much that I want to post it anyways.  You don't even know what I went through to get this beauty!  I had three people looking in different parts of Virginia, none of us could find it.  I called my sister up in Niagara Falls and asked her to look.  After she laughed because I was asking her to look for nail polish 300 miles away (she just doesn't get it!), she said she'd look.  She couldn't find it.  I then called my MIL and asked her to look...SHE FOUND IT! 
I believe this came out last fall?  Someone correct me if I'm wrong. 


I'm still looking for optimal lighting conditions to take my pictures in...if I could find the light box I have in the basement I'd be set! 
Anyways...Opulent Cloud *sigh*  It's a pewter/purple color with gold shimmer.  These pictures are 3 coats.

I like this shot because you can really see the gold shimmer.  In case I haven't mentioned it, you can click on my images to see a much larger version.  I try to leave these bigger so that you can see the detail.

Well, happy Monday all....Thanks for visiting!


Zara said...

This looks beautiful. Now I want it, too!

Jen said...

I know...I kept thinking that I shouldn't post it...but I couldn't help