Monday, September 13, 2010

Wet N'Wild Craze: Morbid

When these came out last summer, Scrangie swatched the entire collection on her blog.  MADE ME FALL IN LOVE.  Of course, most of the time when she swatches something I fall in love.  I didn't pick up the entire collection, but I did get most of it.  Up until these came out, I hadn't used Wet n Wild polish since I was a teenager...a LOOOOONG time ago. 

Morbid is a black polish with teal shimmer.  I wish I could pick up the color of the shimmer better than I's there though, I promise.

Application was great, these pictures show 3 coats.  Smooth and quite well pigmented.  I never did pick up the Craze that came out this past summer.  First of all, I never even spotted them in my smallish town until about a month ago.  Second of all, while I thought they were pretty...they also seemed like colors that I already have. 
I do believe you can still get Morbid, even though it came out last year.  The last time I was at my Rite-Aid, they were still there.
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Renay Shanel said...

What a great color! I'll be picking this up soon! Thanks! Great Post :)

Jen said...

Thanks! Let me know if you can find I said, I'm still seeing where I live, so I'm assuming it's a permanent fixture. :)

Frank Amato said...

I love this color, I have it on now, AWESOME!