Monday, September 6, 2010

Fashion Bug Silver

Happy Labor day to all of my US readers!

I was in Fashion Bug (don't judge!) awhile ago and noticed they had nail polish at the register.  Well, OBVIOUSLY I had to get a couple.  The selection of colors wasn't that great.  I want to say they had about 10 or so different colors?  Nothing really struck me as anything unique, but I still wanted to check them out.  I picked up this one that I'm about to show you and a blue shimmer that I haven't swatched yet.

Fashion Bug Silver can best be described as the darker, more pewter-like cousin of Orly Shine.  The foil look of it is identical.  I think it's a really gorgeous color, quite honestly.

It was pretty well pigmented, with great, 3-coat coverage.  I can't attest to the wear, as I didn't have it on long enough to tell. 

Have a great last "unofficial" day of summer everyone!

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