Monday, September 20, 2010

Nubar Peacock Feathers

Wow...I can't believe it's come the weekends seem so short?  DH did good for my birthday...definitely took care of me.  He also got me some Nicole by OPI polishes that I'll have to swatch for you all.  What a good boy!  :)

Peacock Feathers was a long time lemming of mine that I finally fulfilled during the recent Nubar sale.  It's actually the first Nubar I've ever tried!  It did not disappoint either!!!

Peacock Feathers is a purple-based duochrome.  I've always heard that no one does duochrome like Nubar...I believe it too!  I really wished my pictures properly captured the awesomeness that is this polish!  I tried so hard to capture the green flashes, but I don't think I did a good enough job.

This is 3 coats.  This is the polish that I wore during my Zoya Color Lock wear test, so I know that the wear was pretty decent as well.

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Clary Mota said...

Good morning!
Wow! What a beautiful glaze.
I'm Brazilian. I was looking at some blogs related to enamel and found yours.
Sorry if you do not write very good English. Because I'm using the google translator. Hahaha.
It has a glaze more beautiful than the other on his blog. I was crazy for China Glaze LOL. I think this is the name of the enamel.
Congratulations on the blog. He is gorgeous.
I have a blog dedicated to a Brazilian singer. Her name is Wanessa. If you can look there. The blog address is

Anita said...

Adding this to my list of must have polishes!
Your blog makes me happy so there's a Happy Award for you on my site. :)


Jen said...

Thank you for the comments guys! Sorry it took me so long to respond to them, for some reason I'm not getting notifications in my email.

Anita - Thank you for the award! I'll have to do a post later on after work for it!

Mia said...

Desperately looking for an old bottle, partial bottle, or full bottle of Nubar Peacock Feathers. I can't find it anywhere!!! The last bottle I saw sold for $80 on EBay and I haven't seen another all year! I notice you've had yours awhile, interested in selling some of it or trading? Know anyone else that might? Nubar says they had to discontinue it because the pigment isn't available.....they are looking to find another pigment but it will "be awhile" but I can't seem to find a site where I can post for someone to see it so I'm forced to write everyone, one at a time!

I got the nail polish bug after all the duochromes came and went!! I'm having to but them all with hefty price tags but I'm doing it!
Please let me know if you can help me.