Friday, October 8, 2010

Taking a Break from Nail Polish to Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

Happy Friday everyone!  I haven't gotten much swatching done this week because I've been preparing to sell Scentsy at a local festival tomorrow.  But seeing this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to inform you all about Scentsy's "cause" warmer.

First of all, for those of you who aren't familiar with Scentsy, let me give you some info that can be found at

Scentsy is a wickless candle system.  Our wax is called a Scentsy Bar or a Scentsy Brick, and is a highly fragrant wax bar that is warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is gently warmed rather than burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle. And, because there is no flame, there is no smoke, soot or lead. Scentsy wickless candles are a safer alternative to traditional candles.
Scentsy's wax is warmed in Scentsy's beautiful ceramic warmers.  The warmers house a low-watt light bulb that slowly melts the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick, filling your home with one of more than 80 unique, long-lasting scents.

The combination of a Scentsy Warmer with a Scentsy Bar is known as a Scentsy System.

Every catalog season we sell what is known as our "Cause Warmer".  In our last catalog we sold a warmer that benefited the Sunshine kids, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children with cancer.  Through the sales of our Sunshine Kids warmer, Scentsy was able to donate more than $150,000 to the foundation!

This catalog our cause warmer is called Love, Life, Hope.

Scentsy will donate a portion of every sale of this warmer to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to save lives through early detection and provide mammograms to those in need.

To find out more about this warmer, or other Scentsy products, you can either email me, or visit my Scentsy site at

To learn more about Scentsy’s Charitable Cause Warmer and other philanthropic programs, visit

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ChristinaMarie said...

hi is this scentsy warmer still available? I am interested in purchasing one. my aunt passed away this past January from Breast Cancer, and I do anything I can to support awareness.