Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Mani!

This is one of my favorite Halloween mani's because it's simple enough to me to do it. I'm not a nail art person, nor will I ever try to impress upon anyone that I'm an expert. I've been known to Konad from time to time, although I still don't have the famous Bundle Monster plates. Anyways...check it out!

What I have on is:
3 coats of Sally Hansen Glow
2 coats of the Pumpkin Nail polish string glitter (also contains a little bit of multi-colored regular glitter) that can be found at Rite Aid during the season sometime.  Although I didn't see it this year.

If I'm planning on wearing this for a few days I'll put on a couple of coats of glow in the dark nail polish over the Glow before adding the string glitter.  Looks kind of cool in the dark.

There you have it...simple-enough-for-me-to-do Halloween Mani....told you my nails art skills aren't that great!  :)

I still have a couple more Halloween polishes that I want to post this week...stay tuned!


Let them have Polish! said...

Soo cute! I love the bottle for your glitter and I also love your green base.

Jen said...