Monday, October 18, 2010

Finger Paints BCA Nail Polish

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply recently because I was out of conditioner.  They had a display right in front of the register will all sorts of Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, they released two new shades in their popular Finger Paints nail polish brand.  I normally don't go for pink nail polish, but I always contribute to something that helps to raise awareness to breast cancer.

I'm a Survivor

First of all, excuse the bubble on my middle fingernail. 
I'm a Survivor is a bright pink color with silver glass-fleck-looking shimmer.  I have on 3 coats in this picture, but could have done 2 coats if I applied thicker.  (I know I always say this).  Did I say it's really bright?  My camera wasn't a fan.

I Pink I Can

Don't ask me what was going on with my pinky nail...I didn't even see the smudge when I took the pictures.

Anyways, I Pink I Can is a soft, baby pink with a silver shimmery sheen.  It's very pretty, although not something I usually go for.  I have on 3 coats in these pictures.  The formula of this was a bit thicker than I'm a Survivor and a kind of hard for me to work with.
While I was editing these I kept thinking "wow, it actually looked pretty good on me" and then I ran into a picture that reminded me of my mom's hands...this is DEFINITELY her kind of color. 
No offense to anyone that likes this...I'm not calling you my mom...I love my mommy...she just has different taste in nail polish than I do.  I'm sure people think I'm strange because I'm 34 years old and love to wear bright, bright colors...ANYHOO...

What I'm gathering around the internet is that while the proceeds for the actual sales of the nail polish won't go towards BCA,  Sally Beauty will be making a $65,000 donation to Cancer Support Community this month.


Zara said...

These are pretty! I probably won't buy them, though, since whether I buy them or not doesn't affect the amount donated.

Jen said...

I know what you mean...I got them, just because I'm slightly obsessed, as the name of my blog!