Monday, June 28, 2010

Zoya Jo

So I haven't really posted anything this past week.  I've been fighting the flu.  Not fun, let me tell you.  My body always decides to get sick when I'm done with school for the summer.

Recently I wore Zoya Jo as a mani.  I think I've mentioned before that I LOVE Zoya.  I love their colors, and the polish wears so well for me when I use their Color Lock system.  This mani lasted a week with little more than some tip wear.  This is three coats of Jo:

Jo is more of a cornflower blue than this picture shows.  My camera picked up more purple for some reason.  It has a subtle silver shimmer.  So pretty!  Here is a close-up:

I wore this around the time that I picked up Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, so of course I had to put a coat on top to see what happened:

The picture is a little blurry because I really tried to get a good close-up, but you get the idea.  Jo picked up some really pretty pink and gold shimmer in the flaky glitter in Hidden Treasure.

I'm waiting for my Zoya Exchange package to get here as well.  I have 12 polishes coming in that one.  I'll post pictures of it all when it gets here.

Have a great Monday!


Audrey said...

Welcome - or should I say, welcome back!! My name is Audrey and I too am a Nail Polish Addict (waits for the room to say welcome)!! I've added you to my blog list and I am now following you!!


tasha~ said...

Ohh very pretty!

Jen said...

Thank you!

Lucy said...

Very pretty shade of blue. Looks fantastic on you. I ordered this because it was my Mother's nickname. Her name was Josephine. Love the Hidden Treasure over it. If I have a creme on I always put a layer of Hidden Treasure on after a few days.

Ali's Nail News said...

Hi! Welcome to the blog world! I'm a newbie too. Just started my nail blog. I'm Ali, and I'm pretty much an addict too. lol....Feel free to follow me if you'd like. I'm going to add you to mine.

By the way, my best friend also lives in Front Royal!

Jen said...

Lucy - I had an Aunt named Josephine. It is such a pretty blue, I wish my pictures captured it better!

Ali - Cute blog...I followed you. Holy know someone from Front Royal???? :)

Ali's Nail News said...

Thank you! :-) Yes, my best friend since second grade lives in FR! Her name is Shannon Hendrickson. Her husband's name is Ben. You don't happen to know them do ya?

Small world!

Jen said...

Suprisingly I don't know them. I figured in such a small town, and being a teacher here that I

Definately a small world!

Ali's Nail News said...

They do have a son, but he's ten. If you continue to teach, I'm sure you'll have him one day. :-)