Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Milani Liquid Metal

My first multiple swatch post!  Yay!  It was more work than I thought it would be...I give credit to all the bloggers out there that do this on a regular basis.  I discovered that I can only do this when both kids are at daycare.  Telling a 3yr old and a 1yr old that mommy is playing with her nail polish and don't touch these things doesn't really
Anyways, onto the collection.  I really like all of the colors, they look good with my skintone.  I did 3 coats with all except for Just Browsing...did 4 with that one. 

Dot Com

I already talked about this one in a previous post.  I did try to get some better pictures of it though.  I really wanted to try and show how cool the gold shimmer looks in this.

Just Browsing

This is the polish that I had to do 4 coats with.  It's quite sheer, and even with 4 coats I still have visible nail line.  On it's own it's pearly white...reminds me of a color a bride would wear on her wedding day.  I think it would be great for layering as well.  

My Network

This one is SOO smooth and shimmery in person.  A yellow-based gold.  Looks pretty good with my lighter skin-tone.  I can see myself wearing this and I don't say that much with golds.

PC Girl

Silvery goodness.  I'm a girl who can never have too many silvers, and this one is so pure and smooth...LOVE!

I'm Online

I had the hardest time getting a good shot of this...and even this shot isn't the best. 
I'm Online is a light copper/rose foil.  I know copper and rose are no where near the same color, but it really does depend on the light.  It's not a ME color, but I still couldn't stop looking at it while I was wearing it. 


Besides Dot Com, this one was my favorite! It reminded of me of coal...Black with silver shimmer.  I'm going to be wearing this as a full manicure soon I think.

If you all have any pointer on improving the quality of my pictures, I would really appreciate it.  I've never been the best "photographer" but I would like to get better looking shots.

Thanks for looking!


Lucy said...

I'm still looking for this collection. No luck yet! Love all of the colors.

Jen said...

Thanks...I was suprised to find them...our Rite Aid/CVS stores here hardly ever get the limited edition polishes. GL in your search!