Friday, February 20, 2009

NOTD - Misa Dying Love

I used to think that wearing black nail polish was WAY too much...too edgy. I would never wear a color like that to work (I'm a high school teacher). My, how things have changed. Most of the polish I own now are colors that I would never dare to wear to work. I finally realized that no one cares!

This is my first time trying Misa. While I still love OPI and China Glaze more, I gotta say I'm like the Misa too. It was very smooth to apply, very easy to work with. While this is a black shimmer, you have to be outside to see it. Indoors it looks like a black creme. All in all, very nice, I could see myself wearing it again! You can click on the pictures to see a larger image.



Oh, I wanted to edit this to add that this polish lasted 5 days before it chipped, with only minimal tip wear...NICE!


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