Friday, December 10, 2010

China Glaze 5 Golden Rings

Hello everyone!  I'm so sorry for my sporadic posting this past month or so.  I don't want to turn into one of those bloggers that just disappears from existence!  Life has been crazy, plus getting ready for the holidays with 2 little ones...I'm sure you all know what I mean.  Thanks again for sticking with me!!!

5 Golden Rings was released last year as part of China Glaze's "I Love You Snow Much" holiday collection.  The collection also contained Ruby Pumps, Emerald Sparkle and Tinsel, which I already had.  Luckily I happened to catch 5 Gold Rings on it's own at Sally's after the holiday.  Sad part is, I didn't actually wear it until a few weeks ago! 

The base is a VERY pale yellow and contains a mix of pale gold shimmer and darker gold glitter.  I have 4 coats on in these images and was quite pleased with the coverage.  The other plus is that the wear was phenomenal.  I think it was about 3 days before I even saw a chip!  This was released as a limited edition last year, but it's still available online at places like or

Have a great day!


samwells87 said...

Looooooove this - I wanna get me some China Glaze for Christmas!! x

Joelle said...

your blog is so awesome,
btw love this color from china glaze,
Its such a shame that we can´t buy them in holland,

Musicalhouses said...

Love it! This is indeed perfect for the holiday season!

DesertNails8 said...

I Love this one and wear it year 'round. It's dressy casual for me.

Jen said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting everyone! I was really surprised by 5 Golden Rings...I wasn't sure if I would like it! I was really happy with it though!